Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 3 Tomato Bisque with Grilled Cheese

My husband came home early today, so I ended up having to feed him. I made for him what I was going to make the kids and myself earlier, tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Tomato Bisque and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Campbell's Zesty Tomato Bisque Soup
2 slices of bread per sandwich- I used plain white bakery bread
2 slices cheese per sandwich- I used Kraft American Singles

Heat soup according to directions on can. Heat a large enough frying pan to medium heat, medium low if using slow melting cheese. Butter outside of bread with softened butter to edges of bread. If desired, butter inside of bread to keep cheese from sliding. Place cheese in center of slices and fry each side of sandwich until browned. Browning can take 30 seconds to a minute per side for medium heat, longer for lower heat. Cut sandwiches into whichever shape desired, I prefer triangles for dipping.

This is a great quick way to make a dinner. Having pre-made soup makes dinner easier when you don't have a lot of time between work or school functions. Grilled cheese can be made, then reheated for lunch when you want a hot meal at work.

Flavor rating: good, I liked this soup better than plain tomato soup. Some people may not like the spices, some people might like the extra zing.

Ease of Preparation: Beginner level, just watch the bread so it doesn't get burned.

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