Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 82, Cajun Dirty Rice

I was in the mood for spicy and I found it in Zataran's Dirty Rice.

Cajun Dirty Rice with Sausage

1 box Zataran's Dirty Rice mix
1 pound ground sausage

In a large frying pan, brown sausage, pressing to crumble. Drain and rinse. Add rice and water as indicated on package. Simmer as directed on package.

Serves 6

This was a spicy mix. It really cleared the sinuses. I've usually used the Lipton dirty rice mix which is much milder. You could use sliced up sausage instead of the ground sausage. I usually use kielbasa or beef sausage in my dirty rice, but I felt like ground pork sausage today.

Flavor Rating: Great, I love spicy, but if you prefer something not as spicy, use the Lipton rice instead of the Zataran's.

Ease of Preparation: Easy, one pot ease.

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