Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 131, Chicken Alphabet Soup

We didn't actually eat yesterday, so I'm declaring this to be the next meal. It was edible but no one was eating due to a virus going through the area.

Chicken Alphabet Soup

1 box (32 oz) chicken broth
1/2 cup alphabet noodles
1 cup carrots, chopped

Bring broth to a boil, add carrots and boil for 5-7 minutes. Add noodles and boil for an additional 7-9 minutes according to packaging.

Serves 4

This was thrown together, if you can't tell. I found alphabet noodles in the organic section and had to try them. I thought alphabet noodles would be fun and they still might when I make a heartier chicken noodle soup. The different shape isn't really worth the extra price, but if you want to go organic, these might be fun. I'm thinking I may make a creamy tomato soup with these later. Had everyone been feeling better I would have put more vegetables and spices in the soup.

Flavor Rating: Ok, edible, but not flavorful.

Ease of Preparation: Easy, noodles and carrots, what could be easier.

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